The Science Is Complex, But The Bottom Line Is Simple:

Better Consumer Experience = Better Leads

At Leadnomics, we know that a superior consumer experience increases engagement and ultimately drives higher quality customers to our clients. That’s why we’ve built technology focused on powering an engaging consumer experience – at every stage of the acquisition funnel.


Generate Quality In-Market Traffic

At Leadnomics, we have a team of experts that specialize in connecting our provider comparison products to the right consumers. Every single day, we use cutting edge media-buying strategies and tools to find and acquire enormous volumes of in-market insurance seekers. We are laser-focused on our clients’ target markets, and our end product reflects that precision.

Evaluate, Optimize & Enhance The Consumer Experience

There is a certain level of unpredictability that comes with any traffic acquired. Fortunately, our proprietary technology mitigates that uncertainty by allowing us to continuously and meticulously enhance and customize the consumer experience. We strive to provide each of our website visitors with a unique experience based on how they would prefer to interact with us.

Everything we do begins with a consumer who finds their way to, and successfully interacts with one of our online service provider products. Ensuring that their experience is optimal is critical to our success.


Analyze, Filter, Match, Repeat

A “quality lead” is defined differently by each of our service providers. It is our responsibility to ensure that we not only provide the best possible experience for our consumers, but that we are able to match consumers to their most suitable provider.

Our technology platform ensures that all quality expectations are met. Our platform sifts through tens of thousands of leads every day, intelligently determining a quality score and identifying the ideal seeker-provider match based on geographic, demographic, and psychographic attributes. We also partner with respected vendor tools, such as LeadiD, to ensure the data accuracy of a lead before processing it through our system.

This is the science behind what we do and is a large part of why we are able to successfully deliver a higher quality customer to our partners on a continuous basis.

Activate Relationship Between Insurance Seeker & Provider

Prospective customers that have met our quality filters and have been matched are delivered, in real-time, to the ideal service provider. Accurate and timely lead delivery is critical for our clients. Almost every provider we work with runs on a different technology, and our lead delivery system is designed to integrate seamlessly with almost any technology. We are able to customize the way our leads are formatted and their delivery schedule to meet each client’s specific needs.

It is important that we set our clients up for success at every point in the lead generation process.

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Higher Value Insurance Leads

The exceptional consumer experience we’ve created, and the proprietary technology that gives us the ability to more appropriately match service seekers with providers, allows us to fill our lead buyers’ pipelines with consumers that have a much higher lifetime value.

By focusing on our consumers first, we are able to better serve our clients.

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