What sets LPN apart?

Our extensive offer options and unparalleled level of support, to start. LPN maximizes payouts for publishers and ensures a quality return on investment for advertisers. We work in display, email, native advertising, paid search, social, video, and more. Our multi-channel expertise allows us to seamlessly connect advertisers with a high volume of potential customers who are actively seeking their goods and services.

Are you ready to see great returns? Join us as a publisher or advertiser today.

Publishers: We Only Work With and Provide the Best

LPN publishers have access to some of the hottest offers in the industry. The CPA advertisers in our rapidly expanding network are looking for high quality traffic—and lots of it. Our team offers superior, personalized service and is always available to help or answer your questions.

We work with top advertisers in a wide variety of verticals including education, finance, solar, background checks, software downloads, and insurance. We’re constantly looking to improve and diversify our offerings. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, request it.
We’ve optimized our system for your benefit, using our own technology and CAKE so that no matter what technology you use, you can easily integrate with our platform and track your performance.
We provide publishers with reliable, user-friendly tracking and reporting. With our tools, including CAKE, you can accurately monitor and analyze your campaigns in real time, so you can effortlessly improve or change course on a dime.
Our payment mantra is on-time and options. Sign up for weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly payouts and always receive your payments on time.

Advertisers: We Help You Thrive

With more than 40 years of combined industry experience, our staff has the background and skills to help you not just reach, but exceed, your goals. We provide advertisers with a dynamic pay-for-performance approach to acquiring customers. Customers are generated through our internal media buying team and network of handpicked publishers. LPN advertisers receive only targeted, quality traffic.

Real-Time Support
Our success rests on yours. That’s why we focus on establishing strong relationships with each of our advertisers. With LPN, you will always have access to hands-on support.
We’re confident that LPN advertisers will achieve their marketing goals—and then some. That’s why you’ll only ever pay for superior performance. Our advertisers pay almost exclusively on a CPA basis.
Campaign Optimization
Our job is to help you achieve the highest possible ROI and we’re very good at it. We work closely with you to develop, optimize, and execute your marketing strategy. And we’ll only ever send you targeted, high-performing traffic.