Tenth Grade Intern Adventures


01 Jun Tenth Grade Intern Adventures

I am a sophomore at Mastery Charter High School Shoemaker Campus. At our school, it is a graduation requirement for 10th graders to complete 15 weeks of internship at a company we are assigned to. We are given a class to work on our resumes, then sent to three different interviews. This decides what internship we get for the next three months and three weeks. I got chosen to be at Leadnomics, it was my first choice after all of my interviews and it has been a great fit.

My time here at Leadnomics has been an interesting one. I’ve met new people, done new things, and gotten better working around the internet. I’ve finally discovered how to use Tumbler after a few failed attempts and actually created a blog. I’ve learned about the more creative side of insurance that people don’t usually think about and I’ve realized even the most seemingly boring things have a more interesting side to them. I always thought being in an office, even just as an intern, might be really boring, but in the end, I can say none of it was boring in any aspect. I’ve learned how to work in Google spreadsheets and how to create posters and different things in Canva. I’ve conducted two interviews with Leadnomics employees for the company blog and helped with various projects. I can now build a (school level) electric motor; make a race car with rubber bands, a pencil, and toothpicks; and also use a recorder. My most favorite things here at Leadnomics are that I can always get what’s assigned to me done and the French vanilla cappuccino.

Meall Petty

Meall Petty is a sophomore at Mastery Charter Shoemaker Campus and Leadnomics' marketing intern. She loves music (especially rock), baby animals (especially puppies), and food (especially cheesecake). Meall writes poetry and her favorite author is Ellen Hopkins.

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