Leadnomics’ Future (2017 & Beyond)


30 Sep Leadnomics’ Future (2017 & Beyond)

It’s hard to believe that Leadnomics, a company we started as college students in 2007, is nearing its 10th birthday. Over the course of the past decade, we’ve seen great successes and transformative challenges as we strive to continuously stay ahead of industry trends to build a company with a vision we believe in and a sustainable future for our valued team.

In the past year, that effort has led us to make many strategic decisions—some of them exciting and others difficult. We’ve had to take a step back from the traditional lead generation model Leadnomics was founded on, knowing that it’s no longer aligned with the future of the market or our goals for the company. And we’ve been eagerly building new products that better leverage our team’s talents to bring innovation to the industry. We’re excited to announce more about those products in the coming months.

Leadnomics, since its founding, has been run independently—bootstrapped by its founders. In order to best deploy our capital while we undergo our shifting priorities, we have made two tough, but important, decisions.

The first is to move our team to the Cira Centre to share office space with Red Spark, the parent company of the portfolio of businesses founded by Stephen Gill, Leadnomics’ co-founder. Leadnomics’ current space is too large for our immediate needs. Like other co-working spaces, the Leadnomics and Red Spark shared office will allow everyone involved to more efficiently use resources and benefit from the collective power of more talent under one roof.

The second decision is to share back office and support services with Red Spark. This decision resulted in a workforce reduction that impacted four Leadnomics employees. The departing employees are all very much valued by the entire team at Leadnomics and we will feel their absence deeply. We are supporting them as best we can as they look for their next opportunity. If you are hiring and in need of great talent with tech/startup experience in admin, HR, legal, or finance roles, please reach out to hello@leadnomics.com—we know some amazing individuals.

This is a shared model and not a merger. Both Leadnomics and Red Spark have distinct, well-established entities, core values, and customer relationships. That will continue to be the case moving forward.

Despite the very real and very personal impact of these strategic changes, we are confident we’ve made the most responsible choices for the future of our business and the people that power it to thrive. We’re taking smart steps forward and have a bright future ahead. Every change brings its own challenges, but it’s in the face of those challenges that the Leadnomics’ team has shown they grow the most. We’re excited about our new direction and the successes to come.

Zach Robbins,
CEO and Co-Founder

Zach Robbins
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