5 Takeaways From the 2015 Forge Conference


12 Oct 5 Takeaways From the 2015 Forge Conference

Before I get to my five top takeaways from this year’s Forge Conference, let me first state that the event was top-notch. They had amazing speakers in an amazing venue (University of Pennslyvania’s Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology). The keynote by Michael Lebowitz was the best I’ve heard. Michael is a designer and the CEO of Big Spaceship. He spoke about everything from getting fired, to running a successful company, to the meaning of design. Amritha Prasad, a UX designer at Uber, was another great speaker. She spoke about the projects and work flow at Uber. Now, to the list.

  1. Design is the creation of anything that’s not made by nature. I felt this is the best definition of design I’ve heard—very powerful, yet simple.
  2. Problem: When all homepages look the same, how do you stand out? Solution: Focus on the interior page that most visitors will be sent to from social media, search, ads, etc. That’s where you can make your statement
  3. As designers, it’s our job to critique. We must speak up when we do not agree with a design. But don’t be a bully. Make sure you can backup your reasoning.
  4. In the field of UX, engineering, design, or producing, it’s important not to define yourself  by your tools. Don’t be another “Flash Designer.” Be defined by your skill to create with any tool, not just one.
  5. Last but not least, design your workflow and process. This is where the fun and magic happens. We won’t always be happy with the end result, that’s why it’s important we keep improving our workspace and the methods we use to accomplish our goals.
Jason Oller

Jason Oller is a web design engineer at Leadnomics. His capacity to work across platforms in UX design, website development, and front-end coding is paralleled only by his encyclopedic repertoire of South Park references.

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