Do you know where your leads come from?

At Leadnomics, we only sell exclusive leads generated by internal efforts and direct partnerships via our proprietary consumer brands. Some carriers also opt for leads filtered through our API.

No matter lead type, they’re only sold once—not three-to-five times—to our enterprise-level advertisers.

Leads include full contact information as well as all the data necessary to ensure we’re delivering high-converting, desirable quote applicants.


Leadnomics Leads are sent to our clients
with a LeadiD

LeadiD is a leading customer acquisition intelligence platform, certifying over 100 million consumer events per month and giving marketers the trust and transparency to make smarter decisions in real time. Customers that go through our proprietary forms are automatically tagged with a LeadiD, allowing you to audit any leads you receive. Have confidence in the quality of your leads with Leadnomics and LeadiD.

Targeted Clicks

`The Leadnomics Private Click Exchange attracts serious prospects interested in becoming your client. The Exchange enables you to reach a wide audience while driving qualified clicks your branded landing page or form. We collect data from each applicant to target clicks based on your selected attributes. In addition to passing along this data, we optimize by source and campaign to deliver your most desirable applicants.


Setup is seamless: we take care of account management and optimization to drive more great clients to your site. This way, you can underwrite more policies within your effective CPA goals. Cut out the middle man and receive internal premium traffic at a minimal cost with the Leadnomics Private Click Exchange.

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