A Philadelphia-based online marketing company founded in 2007, we are dynamic, analytical leaders focused on thoughtful domination:


Our aim is to make the world of lead gen
—and the City of Philadelphia—
as awesome as possible.

We believe in the power of technology to transform lives. Through various consumer websites, we help Americans save money on all kinds of insurance: our proprietary technology platform matches people looking for insurance with companies and local agents who provide it. We’re proud of our consumer products and the convenience they’ve afforded millions of Americans.


But we continue to do better. With the newly-launched Leadnomics for Agents, we connect individuals to nearby agents, empowering communities and fostering relationships between neighbors in the process.


Investing in Our Local Community

Through our newly-announced community partnership framework, we are actively supporting momentum in making Philadelphia a nationally-recognized city for independent thinkers, smart creators, and all-around game changers. So far, our efforts include:

  • Paid internships and co-ops for college students
  • Partnerships with Philadelphia-based groups to help flaunt what we all know we’ve got
  • Initiatives and support for local public schools to build a competitive talent pipeline

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