We are a Philadelphia-based digital marketing company that believes in the power of technology to create more valuable relationships between consumers and service providers, through industries like auto insurance and mortgage refinance. Through our proprietary technology platform and superior consumer experience, we have developed an industry-leading solution that allows people across the US to find their optimal service provider. As a result, we are able to build continuous pipelines of the most qualified customers for our clients.



Meet The Team

We compete in a dynamic marketplace that requires us to constantly innovate in product development, quickly respond to market changes, and continuously evolve our platform. But It’s our talented team of technologists, digital marketers, and business professionals, working closely together, who make this magic happen every day.

Zach Robbins


Michael O'Hara


Josh Irons

VP of Sales & Account Management

Anthony Romano

Director of Engineering

Omar Abdelhamid

Director of Operations

Erick Sawby

VP of Business Development

Josh Warner

Director of Marketing

Steve Phillips

Director of Business Intelligence

Max Verzier

Lead Software Engineer

Wendy Huffman

Product Manager

Claudia Stringham

HR & Office Manager

Philip Jolly

Software Engineer

Eldar Alekperov

Senior Paid Media Analyst

Mariam Talebi

Software Engineer

Jeff Hudzik

Software Engineer

Colin Murray

Director, Media Acquisition

Jovan Caputo

VP Sales & Distribution, Leadnomics Partner Network

Philip Lynch

VP Business Development & Operations, Leadnomics Partner Network

Danny Scott

Lead Software Engineer

Nicholas Sclafani

Affiliate Manager

Philip Summers

Web & Design Manager

Ben Safran

Client Success Manager

Jason Oller

Web Design Engineer

Sunny Patel

Associate Software Engineer

Bo Daniel

Affiliate Manager

Arjun Kumble


Kimberlee Molineaux


Mike Deonarain

Senior IT Administrator

Emily Perkins

Senior Accountant

Dylan Clifford

Client Sales Manager

Jason Marsdale

Senior Sales Manager

Julie Pacaro

General Counsel

Stephanie Musal

Sales Associate

Alex Moser

Associate Web Developer

Taylor Burke

Content & Communications Manager

Clint Houck

GM Insurance Coverage Group


Through various community efforts, we are actively supporting momentum in making Philadelphia a nationally-recognized city for independent thinkers, smart creators, and all-around game changers. So far, our efforts include: